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Whether you work with a mobile telescopic crane, truck-mounted cranes, aerial platforms or concrete pumps, outrigger pads have become indispensable for optimising pressure distribution to protect the supporting legs and the surface.


Available from us: HMPE500R outrigger pads.
Made from HMPE 500 regenerate. A type of plastic that is strong and moisture-resistant. Resistant to synthetic and mineral oils, chemicals and fuels. Insensitive to breakage and lightweight.

Overall a high-quality outrigger pad. With a density of 0.95 kg/dm3 the outrigger pads remain easy to handle and have guaranteed high wear resistance.

Our outrigger pads are fitted with a carrying loop by default.
Outrigger pads of 25 kg or more each have 2 carrying loops.
Our outrigger pads are TÜV approved. 

We can produce the outrigger pad holders made entirely from stainless steel as a stand-alone product, or as an attractive combination deal where the outrigger pad holders are sold in combination with the outrigger pads.

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