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Privacy Statement

Tilbox: processor of data and personal data

In this Privacy Statement we provide information about the processing of personal data by our organization.

We would like to point out that we collect the data you provide us because we need this data to enter into an agreement with you, after which this agreement is executed.


The data processed is mainly commercial business data, which is not covered by the statutory provisions on the protection of personal data. We also process data and business data of your contact persons and this data does fall under the protection of personal data. We process the name, contact details and position of the contact persons.


We process data of business customers, namely customers and potential customers, suppliers and potential suppliers and other partners.


We process the data of a customer or potential customer so that we can enter into an agreement and use the data to execute this agreement. With regard to sales, this data is necessary to get in touch with you so that we can prepare and send an offer based on your specifications and wishes, which will then lead to an order confirmation. This then leads to the production and delivery of the products. We then proceed to invoicing.


With regard to a supplier, potential supplier or other partner, we process this data so that we can enter into an agreement and use the data for its execution. With regard to purchasing, this data is necessary to get in touch with you so that we can indicate our specifications and wishes, make a request for an offer or place an order. We then use this data to pay your invoice.


In general, we use this data to communicate promptly and efficiently with you.


Tilbox is extremely careful with the data obtained and we strive to process this data completely in accordance with current legislation and regulations. We also take appropriate and necessary measures with respect to the security of our ICT systems.


Data to third parties

To ensure that the execution of any agreement proceeds as promptly and efficiently as possible, we may need to give your personal details to third parties. The provision of this data to third parties may also be necessary in the context of compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

We demand a high level of data protection from these processors and have entered into processing agreements with these parties.


Your rights

You are not obliged to provide us with your personal data. However, if your data is incomplete we may not be able to carry out the above activities. You are also entitled to inspect your processed personal data. If this data is incorrect or incomplete, you can request us to modify it to the current state of affairs. You are also entitled to request that we delete your data from our systems. This may also result in our no longer being able to carry out the above activities.



Tilbox reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement was drawn up in May 2018.

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