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Lock everything
at the press of a button!

Without gear, a driver cannot do his job. Therefore, these belongings need to be stored properly and safely, and so the boxes need to be properly sealed every time. After all, the truck is the pride and workplace of every driver. However, locking every box takes a huge amount of time every time. Moreover, all those seperate keys get lost quickly and locking the boxes in the pouring rain is no fun at all. To conclude, loss or theft of essential materials can cause major problems during travel and daily work. That is why Tilbox has now developed the perfect solution: the automatic lock.

With the automatic lock, the locking of all boxes is connected and everything locks at the push of a button. 

Automatisch slot - rond_edited.png


  • Huge time savings and theft prevention by locking your boxes at once, quickly and efficiently.

  • No more separate keys getting lost thanks to the hand sensor.

  • Plug and play installation: all boxes are prepared for easy installation on the trolley.

  • No condensation thanks to pneumatics in all boxes, unlike electric locks.

Technical specifications

Connecting the controller


12V or 24V

Plug-in fuse

Plug-in fuse 5A provided

Connecting the valve


Via 6 mm air hose

Air pressure

minimum 0.3MPa - maximum 0.7MPa

Control unit


Mounted inside the box




Hand transmitter - 2 included

Connection between boxes/locks

Bulkhead feed

Connection between boxes

Via 6 mm air hose

Bulkhead feed at the backside

of the box

Automatic lock

Automatisch slot.png

Want to know exactly how it works? Or are you curious about your options?

Our specialists will be happy to tell you all about it! Ask us about the possibilities via +31(0)40 - 20 86 86 88 or send an e-mail to:

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