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Whether you need large series or single pieces, specific customisation or (pre)processed boxes, everything is possible. At Tilbox customers know exactly what they can expect. A deal is a deal and rapid delivery is the norm rather than the exception. We always start from the customer’s wishes. This customer focus also explains our high level of customer satisfaction. Complete the application form and send it to sales@tilbox.com.

Why we offer customisation

Our standard range features several storage solutions but customers can also extend or adapt our standard boxes in the Tilsmart product configurator. As a supplier of underbody storage, we know better than anyone that every situation requires specific storage solutions. Do you need a custom solution? We are happy to discuss the technical specifications with you. Find out how this works below.

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The customisation request form was created so you can clearly communicate your wishes to us. Fill in the form and specify for which work situation you require your storage solutions. Send the form to sales@tilbox.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Customisation is a specialist job. We start by creating detailed designs of the storage solutions before they go into production. Our technical experts have the experience and knowledge to interpret your wishes and needs.


Our certified production teams transforms the raw materials into a stunning, high-quality result. After a last inspection, everything is neatly packed to avoid damage. 


Delivery is done on the delivery date you specified and not a day later. Do you have any questions after delivery? Contact one of our advisers.