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In 2016, newcomer Team Tilbox (Tilburgs Truck Parts) managed to complete the Dakar Rally. They were officially bit by the Dakar bug after this impressive feat, as were many who watched them on their road to success.


The decision to participate in 2017 was an easy one. Team Tilbox exceeded all expectations and finished the race successfully. In 2018 they participated in the Morocco Desert Challenge. The team didn't disappoint during this rally either.


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Team Tilbox Dakar 2016
Team Tilbox Dakar 2017
Team Tilbox Morocco 2018



Do you want to piggyback on the success of Team Tilbox?

Dakar sets the stage for a heated battle that unfolds for all the world to see. The event captures the attention of both national and international media. In the Netherlands alone, some 400,000 viewers tune in every day to watch the ultimate rally unfold. The Dakar Rally is broadcast in 190 countries worldwide by 70 television channels. Sponsors can therefore enjoy considerable media reach via television, radio, and the internet.


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